From on-premise to the Cloud: Struggling with productivity

The worldwide pandemic has forced us all to switch to hybrid working. But at the same time, many companies are struggling with streamlining their processes and workflows.

And no wonder. This dramatic change has happened like lightning, virtually overnight, forcing many organisations to switch to improvised solutions. Inevitably, there are many businesses running remote working solutions that are less than ideal – which often results in lower productivity.

So, how come some companies are struggling with remote productivity, while others are doing well?

The new normal

To fully understand what these companies are struggling with, we need to go back to 2020. The pandemic struck and we quickly found ourselves faced with lockdowns. Most companies already had simple remote working solutions in place, but only used them rarely in emergency situations. 

The changes happened quickly and, fearing the impact the pandemic might have on their business, not all companies dared to adopt new tailor-made solutions. Either they were limited by the minimal functionality of these often cobbled-together solutions, or else they dived into an open Cloud platform and followed an ineffective strategy.

The main aim was to enable employees to work remotely until the pandemic could be tackled on a government level. But we are now almost two more years down the track from those early days and these measures can no longer be called temporary. Because, in actual fact, this has become the new normal.

As a result, many companies are left with solutions that don’t work very well and strategies that harm productivity and slow down growth.

Why productivity falls with hybrid working

There are lots of reasons why companies are struggling with productivity as a result of their current solutions for hybrid working.

First of all, the solutions themselves are not always best suited to the company. Staff may be able to work remotely, but perhaps that is not the best solution for the specific challenges and objectives of the company.

Ease of access is another important point. Because the situation and needs of each employee working remotely differ significantly, it may be difficult to find an off-the-shelf solution. And if the application or platform cannot be adjusted to the needs of employees, this quickly takes its toll on productivity.

But with the right solution, these problems can quickly be eliminated…


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