IT budgets can often be unpredictable. The Total Cost of Ownership of your IT environment depends on a great many factors, from maintenance and support to power consumption, efficiency and the cost model.

Top 5 challenges

“Dragging” old technology along with you usually ends up costing you lots of money. Especially when integrations need to be made or if legacy systems are holding back innovation.

Flexible cost models mean cost efficiency. By switching to pay-per-use, you avoid incurring costs for solutions or capacity you don’t use.

Licence costs
Which licences does each user need? And particularly: which ones are not needed? Streamlined licence management can save you a great deal.

Hidden costs usually spell inefficiency. The right solutions will make your staff more productive, enabling you to achieve more with less.

Lifecycle management
The cycle of major investments, depreciations and renewals places pressure on your IT budgets.

IT is becoming increasingly important, whatever your business. It is the beating heart of your organisation and so it would only seem logical that you should keep allocating a higher budget to it. But is this money being spent in the best possible way? Are you taking the right decisions? And do the decisions that were right yesterday still apply in the same way today?

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