From on-premise to the cloud: A story of digital transformation

It was strange how everything changed so quickly when the pandemic hit. One day we were still commuting as normal to work, thinking that masks were something for surgeons and extreme hypochondriacs. And the next day, we were hoarding toilet paper, all wearing a mask and setting up a makeshift home office that was only meant to be temporary.

The pandemic changed all that. Looking back, it’s incredible how quickly we adapted to the new situation. People are social animals. We enjoy drinking coffee with our colleagues and shooting the breeze about work and life. Meeting virtually is very different to sitting with each other in the same room. It generates a different type of energy. And it was quite a challenge for all of us to get our heads round.

The impact of the pandemic

So it was no surprise that managers and board members alike feared the worst at times. Because how do you keep productivity high when everyone’s so-say working from home? And how on earth can people work well together if they’re not sitting next to each other?

Companies were afraid of losing turnover and, in extremely uncertain times, had to adjust their operating processes as quickly as possible to the new situation. Everything had to be done remotely. But exactly how do you achieve that? How do you make a new normal possible in next to no time?

Why “remote-first” is the future

How, almost two years on, both companies and employees have come to embrace hybrid working. People really like the idea of rolling out of bed, putting the coffee on and working from their home office. And companies have discovered that – given the right strategy and tooling – they can still be highly productive and successful.

Yes, hybrid working is here to stay and it brings good things to all of us. But it won’t just happen by itself. Because as a company, how do you ensure that your people can work together securely, any time and anywhere? How do you empower employees with all the opportunities provided by the new way of working – and how do you ensure that productivity continues to grow?


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